American Chinchillas
American Chinchilla rabbits
FLF Sage--our
Senior-most Buck
It just doesn't get Cuter!
We feel that the American Chinchilla is the
perfect rabbit for Home meat production, with
the added benefit of gorgeous & luxuriously
dense fur.

There are 3 Breeds of Chinchilla rabbits
(so-called because the fur is like the South
American rodent Chinchilla & Definitely is
furrier Quality!):  
The Standard Chinchilla (5 to 7 1/2 lbs.)--think
of them as the small Chinchilla;
The American Chinchilla (9 to 11 lbs.)--which
is the heavyweight, with lots of muscle on
normal-sized bones;
And the Giant Chinchilla (12 to 15 lbs.)--which
like all giant animals, have very large bones and
grow very slowly.

Our American Chinchillas are from the
following lines:
Ed Toebbe (by way of Walt Reichart)
Herman Young

All have excellent & charming dispositions &
also make fine Pet rabbits.   I'd describe them
as an interesting cross between mellow &
outgoing, curious & friendly.

The Does have excellent Maternal Qualities,
raising good-sized (I prefer 8 fat bunnies,
rather than more smaller ones) litters, without
hormonal problems such as cage aggression, &
I can always count on them to foster a baby
Bunny in need...

The Bucks are enthusiastic about siring new
litters & gentle with Bunnies--even when they
are not their own.   If a Buck is not needed
elsewhere, I will often have him be a
BabySitter for newly weaned litters, sort of a
comforting Adult presence to help reduce
stress.  I most often do this by putting the
Buck in with the Doe & litter when the Buns
are 6 weeks old (yes, I know, they always tell
you to take the Doe to the Buck, but sweet
personalities make SUCH a Difference!), to
re-breed the Doe.  She'll usually be pregnant
by 12 hours, and tell him "No" after that.  But
my AmChin bucks are nice enough Gentlemen
to take No for an answer, even if they don't
like it.  And I will  leave them together (again,
assuming that he is not needed elsewhere) for 2
to 3 weeks, pulling the Doe out to a new cage,
to get ready for the next litter.  Very charming,
to see the Buck cuddled up with his Doe...

LOL, from what I've heard this is NOT usually
Do-able with other Breeds--but the great
dispositions on my rabbits make certain things
possible...  And Life in the Rabbitry easier.

It is very hard to capture the Beauty of this
Breed in photos.  The very Feminine heads on
the Does, especially combined with the
"BabyDoll Eyes" with the long black eyelashes,
the lacing on the well-shaped ears is SO
charming...  The Bucks have lovely masculine
heads, of course.   The muscularity of the
breed is very attractive--they are athletic & this
added to their dispositions would probably
make them Great Agility rabbits (yes, there IS
such a thing--see the RabbitHopping group, in
the Yahoo Groups).   The shaded Sterling
Silver color is just gorgeous, too.   The ring
pattern (seen by blowing into their fur) helps
create lovely shades.   The Density of the fur is
one of the reasons these are furrier-quality.  At
one point someone counted & a good
Chinchilla coat runs 12 to 15,000 hairs per  
square centimeter!   Boggles my mind...

One of the big differences between Standard
(the small ones--Yes, I know that's confusing,
but I wasn't involved in the naming process)
and American Chinchillas besides weight, is
shape.  The Americans also have a longer
body--think more Loin, or Saddle, which is the
most desirable cut (not that they are not all
good, which they are, but the saddle is
considered the fanciest cut).

You can save up & home-tan the furs.  Think
of lovely rabbit fur slippers, hoods, hats, etc..  
All of which are easy to make home projects.

We only save the best for Breeding Stock--the
rest go on the Table.   They are one of the few
breeds that have been awarded the coveted
Ark of Good Taste, for exceptional flavor.   
Apparently, just like different varieties of
apples have different flavors, so do different
breeds of rabbits...

Altho a precious Rare & Heritage Breed, we
Price our Breeding Stock Juniors very
reasonably to help spread this Wonderful
Breed.  Please contact us for Details.  Prices
do go up somewhat, if the Jrs. have done well
at a Show, but I still try to keep them
reasonable, to spread this Great Breed around!
Please see the AmChin Photo
Album pages, for more pics.