We raise (and believe that most people are interested in) low
maintenance Angora rabbits to produce lots of lovely fiber.  My
Angoras are expected to be able to go AT LEAST 3 to 4 weeks
without a Grooming, WITHOUT Matting.

I also prefer the Commercial type of body (larger, longer, & more
muscular) that the French, German, Giants, & Satins have.  The
larger the rabbit (all other things being equal) the more skin surface to
produce Fiber.  As with any animal, a certain amount of the feed goes
into maintaining Life functions, before growth, reproductive, & fiber
production comes into play, so a larger animal is more feed cost
effective (again, all other things being equal).

I expect my French Angora, when their coats are mature, to produce
about 8 oz. of 3 inch Prime Fiber 4 times a year.

The German mixes are expected to produce more--which is why
Spinners raise them & explains why German mixes are more
expensive (the higher percentage of German, the more expensive,
since the yield also increases with the percentage of German blood).

And it seems that many Angora rabbit folks have a Satin Angora or 2
around--it's hard to resist that wonderful texture & personalities.  
Since Satin Angoras are basically Satinized French Angoras (altho the
Standard allows for them to be smaller), and the effect of Satinization
halves the size of the hair shaft (along with making it shiny &
iridescent, and intensifying the colors), a Satin Angora of the same
size as a French Angora will only yield half as much fiber--there's the
same number of hair follicles, but you will end up with a smaller pile
of fiber.  But What Fiber!  Undoubtedly the most Luxurious fiber you
can raise...  I'm not sure if there is a Commercial herd of Satin
Angoras, due to this smaller yield, but many Hand-spinners raise

Since the Satin gene is Recessive, it requires 2 copies to be expressed.
 So a Satin x French cross will
look just like a French, but if you cross
2 of them, part of the Litter will be Production Satins.  I have some of
these in my herd (BTW, I have an Ear Number system which allows
me to not get the Rabbits mixed up, as to Breeding/Purity), due to the
Introduction of my Lovely Lilac Ermine SA Doe, Snow--this is my
Idea of a White Angora, having dark eyes rather than Pink...  This is
the Route I intend to follow, for White fiber production.  Currently I
am getting 2 Lilac Ermines (just the barest tinge of color on the ear
tips & grey eyes) per Litter, when crossed with a Torti Buck  :-)   
Also Pearls (including Chocolate Pearl), & Tortis, both of which give
a lovely creamy colored fiber.

One of the things that you regularly hear about Satin Angoras is that
they have more "cat-like" personalities.   In My Experience, this is
True.   I always have one in my Bedroom, for a Fondle-Bun
(currently Triple Play, a 3-footed Chocolate SA Doe).
She very often comes asking for petting--but at her choosing (How
like a cat).   Snuggles alongside while I'm sleeping.  Like a cat, has
been known to have a "fit of Pique" if not getting her Proper Due,
including nipping with her teeth to make her point--but not to break
the skin, just to get Attention.   I have noticed this cat-like use of the
teeth in several of my Satins & Satin-crosses.  Not in the least Mean,
just making a Point...   Which many cats will do.  It doesn't happen
often, but it's Interesting...  Of course, this may not be true of all SA,
just my experience.

I like lots of lovely colors & appreciate the natural beauty and subtlety
of the colors.  I do sometimes have well-bred REW and Broken
(Spotted) Angoras.  I give a price break on colors I am not interested
in pursuing!  Please see the Pricing  page.  I plan to list pictures of all
of my Herd--Please look in the Photo Gallery section, as well as here,
for more photos.  I will try to list photos showing the rabbits Shorn, as
well as full & half coats, the better to see the Conformation.

Colors that I try to keep in Stock:  Black, Chocolate, Blue, Chinchilla,
Red, Fawn, Cream, Pearl, Chocolate Pearl, Torti, Chocolate Torti,
Seal, True Orange & Lilac Ermine.

Hoping to have, in the near Future:  Squirrel (Blue Chinchilla), Blue
Silver Marten, Harliquin, & Chocolate Harliquin.

Have show up, even tho they are not specifically bred for:  REW,
Broken Red, Broken Fawn, Broken Torti, Broken Black, Broken
Blue, & False Charlies (another source of White fiber, in a non-pink
eyed rabbit) in Red, Fawn, & Black, as well as Sable.

A given Individual may or may not be available & that can change
over the Course of Time, so if you see one that you are interested in,
it doesn't Hurt to Ask!  If SomeBun is either not available, or the right
color but wrong Sex, I may well be able to breed another one.

Neutered Bucks are available, for a slight additional charge.  If you
are interested in either a Spinning Angora (the neutering is also
supposed to make them coat up a bit heavier, more like a Doe, since
the Hormones change) or a Pet, Please Consider this!  Bucks tend to
be especially Sweet, & neutering makes Life calmer for them, as well
as removing the tendency to spray...
Our Angoras
Grand Champion French
Angora Buck, Somerhill
Owen.  Black
Grand Champion French Angora
Buck, IS's Golden Boy II
Beautiful Golden Fawn
Angora Rabbits
Grand Champion French Angora
Doe, LG's CLAIRE.  Red-Fawn
Broken Red FA Doe
3rd ARBA Nationals 2008
Gay's Trisha
Lovely Intense Chocolate FA Doe