I do not usually sex/sort my Jrs. until 3 months old, since it is
easier to get a better idea of quality then.    I do not sell
rabbits under the age of 3 months, both for the sake of their
Health, & to ensure satisfied Customers.

All rabbits come with a 3 or 4 generation Pedigree.  Buyers'
choice, as to whether it is sent with the rabbit, or mailed
under seperate cover.

Animals will be represented as accurately as possible.

Sometimes Shipping can be arranged, thru someone in the
rabbit world making a trip anyway (such as going to a Show,
or a Fiber Festival).  I HAVE flown rabbits with success,
but would prefer that they ride in a vehicle with a reliable
rabbit person.   If Flying, I have found that multiple Jrs. can
ride in 1 Airline Carrier, significantly reducing the travel
cost per rabbit.

We are located not far from the site of SAFF (Southeastern
Animal Fiber Festival) in Hendersonville, just south of
Asheville, NC.  We could deliver to the vicinity of SAFF.  

In any case, rabbits must be paid for (if by check, please
allow time for it to Clear) before shipment.  Buyer will be
responsible for any Transportation costs, including cost of a
crate/carrier, if I need to provide one.  Also, should a Health
Certificate be required in the course of Transport, Buyer
will also be responsible for the Cost.

Angora Rabbit Pricing:

For UnShown Bunnies—if they have done well at a Show,
Prices will Change, to reflect that.  My standard practice is
to allow people to use this Pricing right up until the Class is
judged—so if you want to trust your Judgment, you can get
the lower Price if paid before the Judging of the class starts.
Waiting for the Judge to Confirm your opinion may cost
more  

Purebred French Angoras:
Nice Bunny*, at least 3 months old                         $50 & up
Nice Bunny*, 1 parent a Grand Champion              $60 & up
Nice Bunny*, both parents Grand Champions         $75 & up

Show Quality, but not a Color that I am Interested in (mostly
Broken Colors & Red-Eyed Whites) = $10 OFF of Regular

Not Show Quality, but fine Production rabbit                        
$30 to $40

German x French Angoras:
Nice Bunny, at least 3 months old                 $50 to $75 & up
   Very Well-Bred Stock, in various Beautiful Colors--
Should all be little Fiber Machines, with a low-maintenance

***Not a Color that I am Interested in (mostly Broken Colors
& Red-Eyed Whites) = $10 OFF of Regular Price***

Pet Angoras:
ONLY Available if I am sure they will be properly taken
care of, Including Grooming & Fiber Harvest!!!

Friendly Rabbits which have some non-functionality-
impairing Fault (perhaps Flopped Ears)           $25 to $30

Adults of Any Kind:  Occasionally available, Pricing varies
depending on Individual…  It never hurts to Check!

Nice Bunny* = I would expect this to be Show Quality, with
no DisQualifications & should at least place at Shows (if
FA).   Parents are very Good Quality, but may simply not
have been Shown…   All of my Bunnies are expected to
have Nice Dispositions!

Stud Service:   Doe must have a current Veterinary Health
Certificate, to Confirm that she is free of Contagious
Disease.    Stud Fee will be equal to the expected Value of
one of that Bucks’ Offspring, therefore will vary from Sire to
Sire.  **Please Note, I generally don’t take my GC bucks to
Shows—they stay at home & do their jobs.   If you are
purchasing an old-enough-to-be-bred Doe, they would be
available for use before the Doe travels, tho.   And since I
know their Health, they won't need the Health Certificate
(for the Breeding).

American Chinchilla Rabbits:
I charge the following rates (prices somewhat higher, if
Winnings were at a very large show, such as the Nationals):

Unshown Breeding Stock Juniors $25     WHEN
AVAILABLE--I'll usually show them at the next show after
they turn 3 months old, but they are often reserved by then:

placed 2nd in class            $30
placed 1st in class            $35
BOS                            $45
BOB                            $50

All are pedigreed, from stock from some of the best
Breeders in the Country.  But since I really WANT to
establish new Breeders, I don't charge a whole lot.

It is my custom, that if someone reserves & pays for them
prior to showing,  that they remain at that price, even if they
place well prior to pick-up.

Let me know if I can help you.
Linda Willis
Pricing & Policies