NorthWinds Farm
Let the NorthWinds Blow, yet We'll be Warm!
For Shows, additional Breed info, etc., see ARBA--we are Proud
to be Members!
Recommended Reading, etc.
"Clicker Traning with your Rabbit" by Joan Orr & Teresa Lewin, ISBN
978-1-890948-23-8, available either on or Karen Pryors'
Clicker Training website.

But start by looking up "Language of Lagomorphs" on Google!

Also recommend (see for all & keep in mind the Used

"Why Does My Rabbit...?", by Anne McBride, ISBN 0-285-63550-6

"Stories Rabbits Tell", by Susan E. Davis & Margo DeMello, ISBN 1-

"House Rabbit Handbook", by Marinell Harriman, ISBN 0-940920-12-3

All have usefull info, as to how Rabbits Think/Interact.

And for Angora books, I highly recommend “The Nervous New Owners’
Guide to Angora Rabbits”, by Susie Segrue—see either me or
for this—it has most of the info available in MUCH more Expensive books!

Oh and "Watership Down" is a Must-See- Movie for anyone who loves

Linda Willis