Angora  is 8 times warmer than sheeps' wool, while very light in weight.  And it is
water resistant, so consider adding it to fiber intended for projects where that is
desirable (such as Hats, Outdoorsy sweaters, Scarves, etc.).   And your feet deserve
to be cuddled...

Adding 10 to 30% Angora to your Fiber (I use a Finewool sheeps' wool, such as
Merino, for the balance) will make a Delightful Difference!

Yarns are not yet available.

Please keep in mind that colors are identified by the color of the animal that the fiber
came from.  There are only so many pigment granules per hair & as the fiber
lengthens, they get spaced further apart, making the color paler.  So what started out
as Black will pale to Lt. Grey as the fiber lengthens, Blue will pale to Lt. Blueish
Grey, etc.

Fiber is available in the following lengths:
2 1/2 to 3 inch Prime, $7 per oz.

1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch Sub-Prime (but still Spinnable, also excellent for Felting), $5/oz.

Short is under 1 1/2 inch long, Dandy for quilting (think of an Angora-filled Quilted
Vest, warmer & thinner than Down-filled...), Stuffing, filling for a Comforter
(remember all batting used to be wool batting & this is 8 times warmer than wool)
etc., $2/oz., NO CHOICE AS TO COLOR

Baby Angora (the 1st coat off of a Baby Angora) is not usually spun due to its'
tendency to tangle & mat, but it works very well for Needle Felting.  I particularly
like Laurie Sharps' book "Wool Pets".   $2/oz.

Natural Colors:
Natural Black--Please Note, as per above, this is actually Lt. Grey
Natural Blue--Please Note, as per above, this is actually Lt.     
Blueish Grey
Seal--Brownish Tan
Sable--a Creamy Tan
White--from white-coated animals
Cream--think Ecru, or barely off-white
Fawn--Lt. Golden-Cream
Red--Slightly Redder than Fawn
Pearl--slightly off-white, a more natural white
Torti--more of a Vanilla
Torti, with Rufous--more reddish than regular Torti
Chinchilla--a lovely, complex grey
Chocolate--think Lt. Milk Chocolate
Lilac--more Blueish than Chocolate
Orange--more complex than Red, with glints of gold & grey

Please always check for availability, before ordering.  Shipping is extra.

Color Cards of the Natural Colors are available for 50 cents per color, or a set for
$7, plus Shipping.

Dyed Fiber is expected to be available in the future.  Dyeing doubles the cost of all
Fibers, Rovings, & Yarns.
Yarns, Rovings, & Fibers
Currently Available:

   Loose Fiber, 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches long                $7.00/oz.
Colors (please check for current availability!):

Black & Seal (fiber from both are the same color)
Torti (very warm or dark Vanilla)
Fawn & Red (can be ordered separately)
Orange (very rare & limited supply)
Pearl  (think Vanilla)
Chocolate Pearl (lovely warm Vanilla)
Blue Pearl (cooler color than other Pearls)
Chinchilla (gorgeous shaded grays)
Lilac Chinchilla (about as silver as you can get!)
Blue Chinchilla (Squirrel) blue-silver
Self Blue Chinchilla (similar to, but different from, Blue)
Chocolate Agouti

Please keep in mind that since (on a rabbit) there are only so
many pigment granules per fiber, as the fiber gets longer, they
get spaced further apart.  Because of this, all of the colors of
Angora fiber are paler than, say, a crayon would be—Black
fiber will be a shade of gray, Chocolate will be a shade of Tan,

   Roving (think of a long rope of loose fibers, all combed &
straightened so that they are all running the same way.  Because
they are all aligned, you can either split this rope in half—
longwise—as many times as you like to get to the size of roving
you prefer and/or just stretch it out as you go) comes in several
sizes.  Normal Roving is probably ~2 inches in diameter.  Pencil
Roving (which I greatly prefer, since it is so easy to spin  ) is,
as you might suspect, about the size of a FAT pencil, or about
½ inch in diameter—it’s really hard to split it down any further
than that, but very easy to stretch a little, down to as fine as you
want to go.

   Angora Pencil Roving, White,
80% English Angora, 20%
Merino   Limited quantity available!!!                $10.00/oz.

From Sheepies:
Items/Colors currently available:
   Dark Brown Jacob x Blue Faced Leicester, very soft &
beautiful!     Pencil Roving              $4.00/oz. or $50.00/lb.       

All-Kindly (next-to-the-skin-soft) Special Shetland,
very soft, pure & lovely:

Musket (think lovely Medium Oatmeal color) 100%, very
fine Shetland

Moorit (this can vary, but what I have made up is a
beautiful Chocolate Brown), 100%, very fine Shetland

Black & Cream--something special that I had made up, Very
Lovely, 100%, very fine Shetland

Shetland Pencil Roving             $4.50/oz. or  $60.00/lb../lb.      

Please Note—Prices do not include shipping costs!
I will ship via (your choice):
   USPS Priority
   Fed Ex Ground
Actual cost of shipping plus cost of box   Of course, we will
have to figure this out, based on your Order.

I am expecting to also have some True Black pure Shetland
Pencil Roving available this Winter.