Will be posting more Photos here--Check back often!

I will try to list photos showing the Angora rabbits Shorn, as well
as full & half coats, the better to see the Conformation.
More Photos
The Black Pearl, (Booberry x
Buckeye), 54% German & Giant
Blue Boy, 85% German
Buckeye as a Baby...  46% German,
Buckys' Fawn Bucklet (available), 50% SA,
23% German
Butterfly (sold), 100% French Doe
Butterscotch as a Baby, 23% German,
(Sloe x Buckeye)
Baby Butterscotch washing his foot...
Cappucchino as a Bunny, 100% French
True Orange!
Cayenne, 100% French, Red,
Chili Pepper, 100% French, Red, available!
Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Pearl, 50% SA, 50% FA
Crocus, DarkEyedWhite (Ermine) Doe
Somerhill Owen, Grand Champion Buck,
100% French