Will be posting more Photos here--Check back often!

I will try to list photos showing the Angora rabbits Shorn, as well
as full & half coats, the better to see the Conformation.
More Photos, page 2
Gays' Trisha, 100% French, Chocolate Doe
Now Where Am I going to put this?...
Golden Boy , Grand Champion Buck, Fawn,
100% French
Gardenia, DarkEyedWhite, just after
her Baby coat taken off. 23% German
Gin, REW Doe, 81.5% German--9+ lbs. of
Juniper, 83.25% German, Blue Buck
(Gin x Blue Boy)
Jesters' Harli Bucklet, 23% German (available)
Jester, 23% German Magpie (Black & White
Harliquin) Buck--his eyes are Dark, not Red
(camera flash)!
Glow, 100% French Doe, Fawn (GC
Claire x GC Golden Boy)
Bacardi, REW 83.25% German Doe (Gin x
Blue Boy)
Vodka, REW 83.25% German Buck (Gin x Blue Boy)
Red Oak, 11.5% German, Very Red &
White Buck!  (Sunni x Butterscotch)
Buns are just so Cute!