Will be posting more Photos here--Check back often!

I will try to list photos showing the Angora rabbits Shorn, as well
as full & half coats, the better to see the Conformation.
More Photos, page 3
Red Robin, Neutered Buck, 100% French
Romeo, as a little Guy... 100% French, Spice x
Silver Cloud, Lilac Chinchilla Doe
(her eyes are dark--ignore the camera flash..
Snowdrop, DarkEyedWhite (Ermine) Doe, 23%
German (Snow x Buckeye)
Just a Basket of Cuties!!!  (Snow x Maple Sugar)
50% SA, 50% FA
The Rest of the Litter...
SweetPea, Chinchilla, 68% German Doe
Tobler, 87% German Chocolate Jr. buck
Toffee, 50% SA & 50% FA Torti Jr. Doe
Tomcat, 100% French Broken (Painted) Buck
Gays' Trisha--a marvelous 100% French
Chocolate Doe!
The wonderful Wonder!   Gays' Wonder, 3rd
at Nationals a few years ago, 2 "legs"
towards her GC, 100% French Red & White
Broken (or Painted) Doe